As-salamu ‘alaikum,


We hope that this email finds you in the best of health and faith!


Prophet Muhammed (S.) said, “There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its treatment.” (Bukhari)  So at this time, while there is no cure available for  the Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19, this is to let you know that Pillars has been, and will continue to take all precautionary measures to prevent our students and staff from being infected by the Coronavirus, in-sha’ Allah. We have now hired an additional custodian and our custodians are taking extra measures to disinfect all surfaces during the school day. They are also working on the weekends while students are not in the building to do additional school cleaning and disinfecting. 


Teachers and staff are cleaning solid surfaces with Sani-Cloths which are specifically designed for educational and healthcare settings.  Extra care is taken to clean the bottom surfaces of student desks and chairs, as well as any classroom features that multiple students and staff may touch, like doorknobs and common use computer keyboards. 


All students and staff are asked to thoroughly wash their hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds routinely. Hand sanitizer is also available throughout the building. 


As always, we need your help too. Please exercise and remind students to apply the following New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) precautionary measures: cover mouths when coughing and sneezing with a tissue or toilet paper, or cough and/or sneeze into a bent elbow when a tissue is not available; wash hands frequently, especially before and after eating and after using the restroom; keep objects, especially fingers, out of and away from mouths, noses, and eyes; and remove phones and electronic devices from places where people eat.


Families are kindly reminded to keep their children home if they are demonstrating flu-like symptoms, especially the following: dry cough, fever and/or chills, shortness of breath, or gastrointestinal distress.  Please do not send children back to school until the symptoms, particularly fever and/or chills, have abated for 24 hours. Additional information about the Coronavirus  may be found below. 


Finally, the administration is working to implement US Department of Education guidelines for developing high-quality school emergency operation plans for dealing with the Coronavirus.     


May Allah (S.W.T.) keep you, your families and our community members healthy and may He provide humanity a means by which to overcome the Coronavirus throughout the world! Ameen!


 Was-salamu ‘alaikum!

Walaa Elbanna

School Director