Pillars Preparatory Academy was Proud to have taken place in the 2020 MIST NJ Competition.

Below are a list of Competitions Pillars Prep took home Prizes in:

Quran Memorization Level 1 – Female

Fatima Catovic – 2nd Place

Quran Memorization Level 2 – Female

Sherene Imam – 3rd Place

3D Art

Ayoob Florival – 3rd Place

Culinary Arts

Sherene Imam – 1st Place


Sadia Anjum – 5th Place

Spoken Word

Sabreen El-Shaikh – 2nd Place


Emmaley El-Shaikh & Sabreen El-Shaikh – 2nd Place

MIST Quiz Bowl 

Nour Al Houda Choukrane, Fatima Catovic, Sadia Anjum, Falaa Florival, Qasim Gohar – 1st Place

Improv – Male 

Mohamed Suleiman, Yosef Jaber, Mustafa Suleiman, Sulaiman Imam, Nasser Naja, Ahmad Alattaby – 5th Place

Science Fair

Falaah Florival, Qasim Gohar, Ahmad Alattaby – 3rd Place

Short Film

Reyanne Suleiman, Emmaley El-Shaikh, Zainab Helal, Mustafa Suleiman, Malaak Alattaby, Omar Osman – 3rd Place

Social Media 

Ayat Suleiman, Sherene Imam, Anas Aziz – 2nd Place

Basketball – Female

Emmaley El-Shaikh, Sabreen El-Shaikh, Malaak Alattaby, Reyanne Suleiman, Fatima Catovic, Sherene Imam, Noreen El-Shaikh, Rania Abou Naja, Safae Choukrane, Ayat Suleiman – 1st Place

Overall Rankings – Individuals 

Sherene Imam – 3rd Place


Pillars Preparatory Academy – 3rd Place