Principal’s Message

 As-salamu ‘Alaikum Dear Respected Pillars Preparatory Academy Supporters,

We hope that this email reaches you in good health and faith! 

We would first like to give thanks for the patience and support that has been demonstrated by you as we worked to design the Pillars Preparatory Academy School Reopening Plan.  As you know:

A Pillars Town Hall took place on June 24th for our families and staff.

The School Reopening Committee which was comprised of administrators, staff, parents and students (members: Deena Abdelmonem, Alia Aziz, Abir Catovic, Fatima Catovic, Safae Choukrane, Yousra Elahmadawy, Walaa Elbanna, Robyn Elkholy, Yasmeen Elsamra, Emmaley Elshaikh, Safia Haddam, Younes Haddouche, Nora Ibrahim, Yasmin Jameer, Eram Mumtaz, Susan Osman, Maryam Pal, and Rohanda Sharbash) was  established on June 29th.

The School Reopening Committee met on a weekly basis, beginning July 1st, to examine the three possible school models (remote, hybrid, in-person) and to optimize each of those models for Pillars.

The School Reopening Committee Meeting Minutes were posted weekly on the school’s website (www.pillarsprep.com/2020-2021-school-year/). Many thanks go to Ms. Safia Haddam for leading this committee and to all the committee members for their time and effort.

As per the guidelines of Governor Murphy, Pillars Preparatory Academy is now announcing its School Reopening Plan one month before the start of the school year which is scheduled for September 9th, in-sha’ Allah.

Pillars Preparatory Academy has made the decision to open for in-person instruction for students in grades eight and below and to open using a hybrid model for high school students (2 days in school and 3 days remote learning). Families will have the option of 100% remote learning for all grade levels.

Please read below for more information