Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies (QAIS)
The Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies (QAIS) department at Pillars, a CISNA accredited Islamic school, exceeds any other Islamic School when it comes to student to teacher ratio and creativity of delivering content. The QAIS staff prepares our students to learn and love the language of the Holy Quran, as they live Islam through the daily routines. Pillars takes pride in its QAIS department. Comprised of an exceptional group of educators with their impressive academic backgrounds, sharp skills and fine talents, the division members collaboratively work on constantly enhancing our students’ Islamic Character-Building program.

At Pillars, the Islamic Studies program embraces in students a love of Islam and its’ values. Our program introduces Islamic Etiquette and Ethics taken from the Qur’an, Seerah, and Hadeeth. They are stimulated with nasheeds, dua’a memorization, and an analytical study of Islamic law. Over time, our students build a strong Islamic foundation with an emphasis on principles, values and morals from the Holy Qur’an.


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