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Pillars Preparatory Academy accepts International students from overseas as day students or boarding students. Aside from the advanced education students will be provided with, the boarding international students will stay in a welcoming dorm environment. Their time in the dorms will be productive as clubs and after school activities will pertain to the students’ individual needs. Overall, the international students’ time away from home will be spent well in order to ensure a bright future.

For the international students who opt to live with a host family, it is the parent’s responsibility to find a host family.

The Experience in the U.S.

International students have the opportunity to not only to get quality education but also to make life-long friends from different parts of the world. They become an active member of our community service programs to make a difference as a responsible world citizen. They can explore the world through educational trips and activities.

Why Pillars?

  • 100% Acceptance Rate Four-Year Colleges
  • Honors & AP (Advanced Placement) Courses
  • SAT & ACT and TOEFL & IELTS Test Prep
  • Intensive Fulltime ESL Program
  • Receive Personalized Attention
  • Small, Diverse & Vibrant Student Body
  • Accredited by AdvancED and CISNA

What is the Pillars Prep Intensive ELL Program?

Pillars Intensive English Language Learning (IELL) Department is developed to assist students in moving from low-intermediate English proficiency to a proficiency level that will allow them the chance to succeed in regular college-preparatory classes. Students study Reading & Literature, Academic Vocabulary, Listening & Speaking, Grammar & Writing, IELTS / TOEFL test preparation, and other primary subject courses. All courses are designed to prepare students for the rigorous coursework of college preparatory classes they will encounter after graduating from the Pillars Intensive ELL Program. While in the ELL program, students will be expected to learn and adapt to an American style school system as well as the language and culture of the English-speaking United States. Students will be held to high standards of behavior, academic, and will be expected to perform at a level of excellence.

How are students evaluated for the Intensive ELL Program?

International students wishing to enter Pillars must first take a TOEFL Junior placement test to determine their English proficiency level. Students scoring below the requisite English proficiency level for regular college-preparatory classes will then be recommended for ELL classes. Students will be given three more TOEFL Junior tests during the program: one at the end of the first quarter, one at the end of the second quarter, and one at the end of the fourth quarter. Passing any of these tests is a prerequisite but is not limited in allowing students to graduate from the ELL program into the regular college-preparatory curriculum.

College Counseling Department

The college-counseling program at Pillars is designed to help students explore their strengths, talents, abilities and interests. By doing this we can identify the right college and university that best matches the students’ choice and, ultimately gain admission to the colleges and universities that best suit their ambitions and aspirations. Pillars experienced College Counselors will works closely with both students and parents in the college preparation, selection, application, and the admission process.

College Counseling Services includes but not limited to

  • Plan the courses they need to take to get ready for the college of their choice.
  • Arranging the necessary material for standardized test preparations, scheduling the test dates, analyzing test scores, GPA, and course requirements for college
  • Gathering information regarding available academic programs, majors, and career opportunities
  • Visiting college campuses to gather firsthand information from the college admission teams
  • Helping students understand the principles of writing college application essays
  • Professional attitudes, accessibility, and strong relationships among the students and counselors are the key elements for Pillars College Counseling Department.

Admissions Process Steps International Students

  • Step 1 : Complete the Enrollment Application
  • Step 2: Send in all your transcripts/grades and/or report cards after having them translated into English.
  • Step 3: Send all your language proficiency test scores (TOEFL/IELTS etc. if available).
  • Step 4: Upon receiving the decision letter, please fill out all enrollment forms sent by an admissions counselor.
  • Step 5: Submit your application & tuition fees to the account number provided in the enrollment form.
  • Step 6: After receiving your I-20, start your F-1 visa application at the closest U.S. Embassy.
  • Step 7: Once F-1 visa approval is granted, start packing up for New Jersey, USA.

Tuition & Fees

International Students (F1 Visa) – $15,900

Boarding Fee – $8,900

Health Insurance – $1,800

Other Fees – $1,500

Meal Plan – $5,550


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